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Tony TK Đồng Ý Thu Âm Dự Án NKI Cypher Nghiện Rap

Hey yo. Sup sup?

Sup bro? Sorry I missed your text the other day.

How you bro?

Chillen man this quarantine shit is messing up my job. Can’t do no show.

Sucks bro. Stay home.

How you?

Good bro. Relax. Make music. Doing a cypher bro. Drop a verse bro.

Who are you doing it with? Anyone I know?

Line up right now. LCK, Lee7, Gizmo, BDT, Thomas Dong, Antoneus Maximus, Anh Mac, Icy Nirvana, Droppy and many more bro. My little homies.

Sounds like a long ass track.

It's annual. It's quick bro not long.

But why not. I'm down. When will it due? You have a deadline?

Come on bro drop a 16. No deadline. Email bro. Will be lit to have you bro.

That dude Gizmo real corny. I don’t have no issue with anyone though. I see how you moving out here, making music with every artist is indeed a wise move.

It's all good bro. A nice mix. It's going to be good.

How’d you get Antoneus? Thought he's into movies now.

He's a cool OG bro. He loves hip hop music. Guy still makes music like everyday.

You have your verse recorded?

Not yet. I have one cypher release tomorrow. After that I'll work on this next one.

Cool send me the beat I’ll get on it.

Sent bro. Check it out.

Cool I have an idea how to approach this already. Will hit you back with the vocals.

Go crazy bro. I'm excited bro.

Haha bet. I will bro. Oh by the way, I'm going to sound engineering school in Singapore in September. It's technically a college. Gonna be weird sitting in class next to some 17yo kids lol.

Word. That's expensive.

Yea well my brother paying for it.

Good opportunity bro. Take advantage of it.

He’s starting a entertainment company so it would help to have someone with the skills. I honestly wanted choose film school but it would take years.

It's a good career. Good pay too.

In Vietnam, not quite. Plus, I hate computers. I love making songs but I hate working with computers haha. But yea ain’t complaining bro I'm pumped.

It takes patience bro. Trust the process.

As far as I can tell when it comes to sound, almost anything can be learned for free on the web. So I'm curious what they teach in school now. I'm guessing working with gears? Those things are confusing.

I went to film production school bro.

How was it? Worth it?

Wanted to do music but no music school in my area. Was a blast bro. I'd do it again. It definitely set you up for social interaction. Team work and such. The important part. The people part.

Glad to hear. I'm writing my verse right now. The beat is nice. The first verse kinda threw me off tho. Why’d you pick him?

Nice bro it's a vibe. It's my lil homie. Bless these youngins bro. Encourage these young artists to create bro. I enjoy it that he enjoy it bro.

Oh okay. Well he might have potential. I just don’t hear it lol. I remember you used to have a massive ego so kinda surprising hearing that from you. You used to not wanting to work with anyone outside your circle now you fucking with everybody. Guess better times call for different approach huh?

Really? Never bro. I always got love for everyone.

Hey you think VD really died?

No bro. He bouta come back. Take all these fools by surprise.

For real? You spoke to him?

No bro just have a feeling.

Yea it kinda hard to imagine someone with that size of an ego took his own life.

It's better to think positive. I don't know bro. Since no one knows. Shit depressing.

You ever met him in real life?

Never. Sad bro.

I did, once, didn't want to meet him again. A weirdo. God bless him.

He's a hot head. He's a big kid bro. Hope he doing good.

Well I hope he still around somewhere kicking it. Sometimes I felt like he went away to leave room for us.

He became immortal bro. Legendary status like 2pac. That's a perfect move. Probably somewhere kicking it. He has inspired a whole generation. Rap Viet is full of VDs now.

Yup. Nobody fucks with VD. Didn't teach me anything but I say proudly that I learned my raps from him. And you too. I still remember that ‘Bounce For Me’ track you did way back. Like 2009 or some shit. When I heard that track I'm like who the fuck is this guy??

Hell yeah bro. Everybody wanted to sound like him, look like him. It's sad bro. Rest in peace VD. Shit got me all sad and shit.

Well we still around carrying on his legacy. By the way I have no problems with any rapper, but I don't fuck with none of em like that, most of them live here and say we say hi in passing. We might smoke a joint together but no music. This generation, something about them man. And when I see B-Ray, I prolly check him for talking reckless.

Some of them need spanking bro. Make your verse a VD tribute. Like 1-2 bar bro. Make his name live on bro.

I already have something else in mind but will see. I really like some of Blacka music, so set up a meeting in person. Can’t say I like him as a person. My thing is I don’t make songs with people who I don’t like in real life. It just doesn’t feel right.

Me too bro. They tryna make me feat with everyone I said that's not my thing too.

What's your point on Đen Vâu?

Highly overrated bro. I love to see he win but you don't know bro. I have a story about him on a personal level.

And highly commercialized. And he fucks you off on some high horse shit?

I reached out for a feature in 2017 bro. His manager I don't know who exactly sent word back through my homie Fire Flow saying I'm not du tuoi bro. So I don't know how to feel about him. But I love to see people succeed bro. It's good for him you know.

Well, commercially he's 1 of the biggest rapper out now so he let it go to his head.

You right bro he very commercially successful. That don't mean shit about rap tho bro, we all know that. But being able to climb that quick is admirable bro.

Me too bro, I always keep my opinions of fellow artists to myself. And I love to see they win too. Yup. His music là bình dân học vụ, dễ nghe dễ hiểu.

I just hope when an individual starts to win he or she give back to their community. It's beautiful bro other than that just do they thing.

To be fair, look at LK, he spent his whole youth building a foundation for all these mfs to shine. Look what they did to him. Kicked him to the curb. There wouldn’t be a Son Tung MTP without LK, now mfs say LK doing adlibs for ST. What kinda shit is that? Ungrateful motherfuckers.

Muhfacka did LK dirty bro. But it was a different era. All those guys got ripped off big time bro. Well the table has turned bro. A perfect example of why you need to go to school. People who understand the process will not fail bro.

Touliver, BigDaddy, JustaTee, all them cats. Yea I still chop it with them from time to time.

Hell yeah they smart. One of the most organized group. I think they went to school.

My bro tryna get me to do a song with Yanbi. He got the budget so it would happen quick. But I say no after seeing him doing a song with that weirdo Wowy. Yea bro dating Bueno’s ex wife so he has ties with them cats, plus the coins. Besides, Yanbi way passed his prime.

The fuck. Lol. Do it bro. You gotta get your message out. It can't be bad.

By the way you thought about reaching out to them USA rappers? U got what it takes? Gucci Mane is signing new acts to his label. Boosie Badazz has something going on too.

No bro. I can't compete with them. Not born like that bro.

I see what you saying but you can RAP RAP. Why waste it?

Plus I have decided to dedicate my craft to serve Vietnamese people bro. Can't be best of both world bro. Don't work like that. See all I'm doing is to try to get my message out there. How can I do that in a language they don't get?

Yo that zonin’ track you did with LJ, your verse is better than most mfs out now in their market to be honest. Not kissing your ass. That's how I feel.

Thanks homie I always appreciate you bro. I understand bro.

See, we have different visions. I will reach out overseas bro. I love Viet rap but fuck Viet rap.

Not that I can't produce something on par with the counter rappers but I rather talk to my people bro. You know what I mean? Got so many things to say.

Yup. Guess you been away from home long enough to still have the desire to uplift our youth. Me, I'm around them long enough to be tired of these fuckboyz.

Lol. We can change one fuckboy at a time bro. But I don't even worry about changing nobody. It's just like a calling bro. I just do it. Gotta keep going. Be positive and support each other.

Great to hear. Keep that fire alive man. I feel you. I like 95G and their movement, fuck with it from a distance. Well, not really a movement, but at least some of them are really pushing weight in real life. Fake drug dealers rap, can’t deal with em’. Lol. Anyway Imma get back to work. Nice catching up bro. Hit you with them vocals soon.

Hell yeah bro. Have a blessed day bro. Thanks Tony talk to you later.

You too peace.


Sup dawg?

Wassup bro?

Nothing bro just chilling. How's it going bro?

It's good bro I'm done writing the verse. Recording it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. I'm getting gears set up.

That's great bro. You record at home?

Yup soon as I get new system set up right. If I don't get it done in time Imma go to the studio. Both ways works fine.

Do you listen to Berner? He got dope style. Classic style with street knowledge. Remind me of you bro.

Yea I heard a couple of his songs. I like him. Appreciate it. Binh Gold is in your next project? That's my lil homie. Solid guy.

Hell yeah hopefully bro everything come thru.

Just dropped my first track in a long time bro.

Congrats on your new track. So good to see you back.

I’ve been worrying about the wrong things for too long, like having the right visuals for my songs, having a budget etc. hence stressed me out & putting too much expectation on the out come. Now I’ll try to just make music & release it & let it do what it do.

Yeah that’s right. Me too bro. Underground rap is what it is. Right homie? Cố gắng thôi. Mới nói chuyện với Bác Sĩ Hải. Miss you homie.

Cũng muốn liên lạc Hải làm nhạc mà sợ lâu quá. Hải bị cái hay delay không có deadline trông lắm.

Chả biết. Chắc tuỳ hứng. Let’s make a track if you down bro.

I got some right here. The producer is cooking the beat. You can jump on the second version if you like. Rat Nhieu So 0 Final Demo.mp3. This is youtube beat for demo I'm getting the full ver soon. Incomplete vox of course.

Oh OK. Just us?

Yup this my solo project but we can make different version of it. Tui sửa lời lại kỹ rồi dope smooth chỉ đợi beat thôi. Yea but if you join I’ll write a whole different verse & we both share the hooks. Switching shit up you know.

Like a remix? OK bro. Yeah I got something. You ever had a chance to do that cypher verse?

Don't think so bro. Not feeling the lil homie’s hook. Not gonna be a good look for me. I'm down to do a track with just you though.

Bro you gonna miss out bro.

If I worry about missing out I would have hopped on a track with Baby Red & them boyz over there a long time ago like before they was poppin'. Nói mới nhớ, giờ tui mới nghe bài Thuyền Vàng. Sao Sò diss ông vậy?

Ask him. Mafaka so random I swear. What’s your email bro? Lemme send you this cypher demo.

Musically I don't find that party interesting. None of ‘em could really spit & yes getting millions of views is nice but I rather fuck with people who can actually rap you know.

We keep it rap over here bro. No gimmick we ain’t them bro. Check mail. Join me bro let’s be heard together.

Got it. Được kiểu nhây nhây này làm lẹ. Mai có luôn nha.

Lol. Cypher showcase ấy. Do your best bro. There gonna be 20 people on it. The bestest. Hell yeah it’s an excitement.

Uh xong rồi để tui process sơ rồi gửi nè. Thức mấy ngày thả ra ngủ như chết rồi.

Hell yeah you did it!


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